My name is Lisa. I’m just your average 20 something trying to find my way through this thing we call life. I don’t know if anyone is actually going to read this blog. I’m doing this more for me than anything. I guess you can say I’m getting back to my roots. I love to write, so much so that I chose it as part of my career path. I’m hoping that I can use this as a way to express my feelings and to possibly look back a few years from now and say remember when. Most of all I want to find my myself…find my true happiness. Hence the title of this blog. So I hope you’ll join me on this journey.



So more about me. I was born and raised in Texas. I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else home. I graduated with a Broadcast Journalism degree from The University of North Texas. Since I was a little girl I wanted to to be a sports caster. I wanted to be the sideline reporter at the Super Bowl and the girl in the locker room after the big game. You know those people that use their hair brush for a microphone to sing their favorite ballad? Well, you would find me using it to interview people. As of right now though that dream has been put on hold. Life has led me down a different path. These days I love cooking, traveling, shopping, playing and watching sports. Ok it’s not just sports. I’ll admit it…I watch way too much tv. Hey I can’t help it. 😉



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