Throwback Thursday

I’ve decided to do a semi weekly blog entry. When I say semi I mean I’m going to attempt to do it once every week, but you know things happen. I’m calling it Throwback Thursday. The idea came to me when some coworkers and I were discussing things that we loved while growing up. There are tons of toys that I couldn’t put down and shows I couldn’t stop watching. It’s funny to think about all those things that you really can’t find on the shelf anymore because of all the new techno gadgets out there. Plus I have tons of childhood memories that I’d like to share.

To kick things off I wanted to share this picture of me from January 1992. I was six years old. It immediately made me chuckle. Look at that hair! One would think I had just woken up, but then again the bed is made, so this was probably taken right before bed time. Every night I would take a bath and then my mom would brush my hair. When it dried it was a bit of a funky mess. The dog, Chelsea, was my Aunt Carol’s. She used to live with us when she first moved to Texas. She loved that dog so much! I remember always trying to get her to sleep in my bed at night, but she never would. I’d shut the door so she couldn’t get out. She’d  just whimper and scratch at the door until I eventually gave up and let her out. Now that I think about it I was probably trying to get her to stay on the bed with me in this picture. Notice my firm grasp. HA! The cat was my first pet named Jake. I know what you’re thinking, yes, I owned a cat. My love of cats didn’t last long probably because I could never get him to sleep with me either. 

Something else I remember was I really loved pink. Pink comforter, pink jammies and those slippers…ugh, seriously what was I thinking. I do remember that Berenstain Bears frame (another throwback memory). I must have had hundreds of those books growing up. I hope I still have them to one day share with my kids. I find it funny I still do that same grin in pictures. Good to know some things never change. 😉


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