What’s Nominated?

The Oscars are on right now. Every year I try and watch most, if not all, the nominated movies. This year I failed miserably. First of all can I just ask when did there become 9 movies up for best picture? It definitely makes it hard to try and watch them all. And what makes it a good film anyways? Because it made you cry? Made you mad? Made you laugh? Or was it because it had a good message? Whatever the reason, I only managed to see 3 of them; The Help, The Descendants and Moneyball. Since I didn’t see most of them it’s kind of hard to say which movie I think should win. I can tell you personally none of the ones I saw left me thinking that they were Oscar worthy.

The Descendants was the only movie I saw in the movie theater. I only went because my mom wanted to go and well…she was paying. 😉 I can remember thinking how slow the movie was and wondering when was it going to be over. There was no shock and awe. Nothing surprised me. Frankly, I didn’t feel anything.

Moneyball was just alright. I didn’t feel connected to the characters. It was based on a true story and based on one of my favorite pastimes, but for some reason I ended up confused. Half the time I didn’t know what was going on. That whole business behind trading players I guess is more complex than I thought. Although, Brad Pitt wasn’t bad too look at for two hours.

The Help was the best of all three. I was rooting for some characters and wishing some would walk across the street and get hit by a car. Too harsh? Maybe so, but the reason I feel like this film shouldn’t win either was because I feel like it left me hanging.  It left me sad. The character I was cheering for didn’t come out the victor and that other one didn’t, well you know.

To tell you the truth I’m really not interested in seeing any of the other nominees besides maybe one or two. Up until a few weeks ago I hadn’t even heard of most of them. That’s bad for me considering last year I saw 7 of the 10 movies.

So with all that being said I have no idea who is going to win and for the first time in awhile I really don’t care. 😦


2 thoughts on “What’s Nominated?

    • Well maybe if I would have read the book I would have liked it better. I heard they did it that way because there might be a second one.

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