Running and a Side of Yoga

I’m happy to report my running challenge is off to a great good start. I have successfully ran on the treadmill twice this week, and frankly, it’s kicking my butt! I ran Monday and Wednesday night for 30 minutes switching between running and walking…mostly walking. After just the little bit of running I felt so sore! My calves and thighs feel like I ran a marathon. I’m not giving up though. Sure I’d like to be able to run longer than five minutes without feeling like I’m about to die, but for now I’ll settle for losing some weight and basically being more in shape.

Other than running I’ve also been taking a yoga class once a week. I’ve only taken three classes and I can definitely feel a difference. I feel more relaxed and stress free afterwards. Lord knows I need that! Plus I leave feeling like every joint in my body has been stretched to the max. It’s made my back feel amazing. I’m always trying to pop my back. I even have my mom stand on it sometimes so it will pop. Today doing various yoga poses it popped twice. The “Yogi” said that was very good. I highly recommend trying a downward dog or a warrior pose. Oh and you can’t go wrong with the child’s pose! 😉


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