An “Unhealthy” Addiction

Those who know me best say I watch way too much TV. You name it and I probably watch it. What I did before there were DVR’s I will never know. I can honestly say I rarely watch live TV. That tells you how many shows I have just waiting for me to press play on my DVR. Probably the only time I actually watch commercials is during the Super Bowl. Below is a list of my top shows on television right now. Whenever I see one of these shows sitting in my DVR a smile comes on my face.

5. Glee

Slushie anyone? The show that tackles tough issues through song.








4. Fringe

The sci-fi show that constantly has you wondering what universe are you in? It leaves me cringing in fear one minute and laughing hysterically the next.







3. Happy Endings

This show is AH-mazing! I think I love this show because it reminds me of my all time favorite show, Friends. I hope one day I have my own gay husband. 😉








2. New Girl

Zooey Deschanel makes it okay to be a little quirky.









1. Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold. I LOVE this show! I’ve watched Emily VanCamp in every show she’s been in and she’s always played the good girl, so I wasn’t sure if she could pull off being mean, but she’s down right scary! Lets just say I never want to be on her bad side.











If these weren’t good enough then don’t worry. I’m also a reality TV junkie. That list to come soon. 😀


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