“I Will Always Love You”

Last night the world lost an incredible talent. Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel at the age of 48. Her death comes on the eve of when the music industry gathers for the Grammy’s and months before she would be appearing in her first film in nearly 16 years. I was only a little girl when she was at the peak of stardom and it’s no secret that she faced many obstacles over the years that had descended her from pop royalty. Although it would seem that Whitney was possibly finding her way back.

Even after all her past drug problems her death still comes as a shock to most of the world. It seems eerily similar to the death of Michael Jackson. A life cut short. She was an icon in the music biz. I remember watching The Bodyguard  with my mom when I was little and belting out, “AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!” I can even remember going to the theater to see The Preacher’s Wife with my entire family one year for Christmas. There are so many Whitney songs that the moment you hear them on the radio you know who is singing. Her voice is so recognizable and stands out above all the rest. My personal favorite is I Want to Dance with Somebody.

Whitney, you helped shaped music into what it is today and will leave a legacy that probably will never be matched.

Whitney Houston 1963-2012


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